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Jun 30, 2016 · Should I be upset if my spouse falls asleep during sex? Jun 30, 2016 by Jay I realized I don’t think I’ve ever posted about men falling asleep after sex. So, here’s my chance, while answering this reader’s question. laying down to please his wife is not a good idea. I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted to fall asleep during. Tendencies to fall asleep first after sex are associated with greater partner desires for bonding and affection. Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology. 2011;5(4):239-247. doi:10.1037/h0099259. Leyner M, Goldberg B. Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex? More Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Whiskey Sour.

Mar 16, 2017 · Why Men Fall Asleep After Sex (and Women Don’t) It’s a chemical thing. By Best Life Editors March 16, 2017. women—believe it or not!—don’t always have orgasms during sex, and that keeps them from producing all those other hormones. So, if performance is a problem, Author: Best Life Editors. I told him I would have to be on the verge of death or drugged to fall asleep during sex. I mean it boggles my mind that he could fall asleep. He ofcourse apologized and told me it wasn't me that made him fall asleep, it was because he hasn't slept in days and hasn't been feeling well and had a few beers the day he initiated the sex with me.

Sep 25, 2006 · I will leave frustrated American women with one final thought: if you are upset at the ubiquity of the post-sex snoring phenomenon, remember that things could be a lot worse. A recent survey of 10,000 English men revealed that 48 percent actually fall . Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg, M.D., authors of Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?, offer an additional biological explanation: “It is thought that exertion during sex and after climax depletes the muscles of energy-producing glycogen. This leaves men feeling sleepy. Since men have more muscle mass than women, men become more tired after sex.”Author: Angela Serednicki.