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A mature female bank teller is taken hostage. LAST CHAPTER. Out of the frying pan? Karma tries to get revenge at the Lingerie store. A humble maid dreams of being humiliated by dominant Ladies. She is a sadist to the Selectman! and other exciting erotic at! Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Humiliation, Male / Females, Mature, Reluctance, Voyeurism, Wife You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet by The_Technician «A spacer learns the universe is stranger than he thought.» Rated 94.1%, Read 19854 times, Posted Mon 10th of July 2017.

«The second essay from Bashful Scribe, one that gets into more detail about what separates mindless sex to memorable stories.» Rated 93.7%, Read 86382 times, Posted Tue 27th of September 2016 Essay, Authoritarian, Cruelty, Discipline, Non-Erotic There Can Only Be One by onlyyou1 Rated 93.7%, Read 153036 times, Posted Sun 1st of December 2013. Sara Runs Away Retail spanking therapy. Wherein a beauty is birched, and more Spanked by the postman. Derek gives Kat a spanking, her first in public! Dawn submits as a slutty maid to another kinky guest. and other exciting erotic at!

Humiliation - Sex Stories - Cruz4U: It's quiet through the streets as Maggie makes her way home, holding her purse to her chest and walking quickly. She. The Exchange Student Disciplines Georgina - Georgina had been on tenterhooks since getting home at eight o’clock this evening. She had got home to find Jeff and Hannah chatting happily in the TV room and, unusually, watching a rom-com even tho.