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In the mid 1970's, a gay ham from 6-Land placed personal ad's in 73 magazine asking gay hams to contact him. He had responses and CW skeds on a 40M frequency was established. In the early 1980's another ham member who was gay had placed ads in the 'Advocate' and in mid-80's formed the LAMBDA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB. Callsigns of famous ham radio operators. and their Callsigns. Radio Room of the Hindenburg Zeppelin. A list of Famous Radio Rooms (Titanic, Hindenburg, etc.) "Famous Hams and ex-Hams" from qsl.net "The Original Famous Hams and ex-Hams List" from WA6FAH "The Original Famous Hams and ex-Hams List" by N2GJ and W2SG Astronaut (and Former Astronaut) Hams.

a ham radio operator who uses the ham radio hobby to lure and molest underage boys. YL Ham Radio Operators has 945 members. We are YL's and XYL's with the same hobby. And this is Radio Amateurs. Find out more about us and join to YL's.

Other folks, many of whom are now Silent Keys, who have been listed as possible ham radio operators: Mahatma Gandhi, Statesman Freeman Gosden, Actor, played Amos Jones in "Amos and Andy" A leader/perhaps head of state in Malaysia Tony Hancock, Actor.