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Is this mysterious visitor an angel of mercy, or a devilish agent of the NHK? Will he get a job and counter the evil organization, or will he submit to his weakness and download porn all day? Swimming in a sea of corruption, Sato prepares for the battle of his life. Welcome to the NHK! Kazumi, who had been living with a man, went home to her family. Yuusuke, who was trying to become a public servant, failed his test. Yamazaki, who was making erotic games, had all his dreams destroyed. "I'm testing my own talent. It doesn't have to be an erotic game, but I'll do... I'll do something!".

Oct 28, 2016 · Welcome to the NHK gets a generous four stars. I agree with other reviewers that the series gets off to a good start but then meanders. It is reminiscent of Paranoia Agent but more personal and comical. I rate Welcome to the NHK up on account of its sincerity and heart.3.6/5(8). Feb 01, 2009 · Sato's life is going down the drain. A college dropout, he rarely goes outside and sleeps sixteen hours a day. Amidst his internet porn sites, he finds himself falling further into a pit of.

Welcome to the NHK has become quite the phenomenon. Springing from the original novel and then a manga series (both available from Tokyopop) it has also been released as an anime (produced by Gonzo and licensed by ADV).4.8/5(7). Jan 28, 2002 · Welcome to the NHK is an inside look at the hikikomori (shut-in) life, written by a man who lived it himself. It has a lot to say about human nature and how we cope with our surroundings: in the novel, characters escape reality, act irrationally and try to justify it, lie to themselves, and fake being OK.4/5.