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crossdresser heterosexual intersocial club - CHIC also known as Crossdressers Heterosexual Intersocial Club

Welcome to the CHIC Website. CHIC is an abbreviation for Crossdressers Heterosexual Intersocial Club. We are male to female crossdressers based in Long Beach California. We hope you find our site interesting and helpful. The CHIC membership consists of about 30 male heterosexual crossdressers along with their wives or significant others. CHIC located in long Beach California is a heterosexual crossdressing social club who's members are mostly married that requires interviews to join. CROSS-DRESSERS HETEROSEXUAL INTERSOCIAL CLUB. The purpose of the call is to make sure that you are a crossdresser and understand the membership process. Requirements for C.H.I.C. membership.

It was through Ashley’s encouragement and sponsorship that I joined CHIC or Crossdresser’s Heterosexual Intersocial Club. You must be a heterosexual crossdresser in order to join and wives are encouraged to attend meetings. I have been an active member for over 25 years. Wecome to the official website of the CROSSDRESSERS HETEROSEXUAL INTERSOCIAL CLUB also known as CHIC. We are a social group of outgoing fun seeking CEO’s which stands for Crossdress Every Opportunity, made up of of about 20 heterosexual male crossdressers along with some wives and significant others.

Sep 28, 2013 · Hello all, this is Denae. I have met several girls during the last few years who belong to Chic. It is safe and private. You might Goggle them and email for . Crossdresser Heterosexual Intersocial Club (CHIC) CHIC P.O. Box 17850 Long Beach, Ca. 90807 For heterosexual Crossdressers only, their wives. The CHIC membership consists of about 30 male heterosexual crossdressers and their wives or significant others. We .