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Tips for breastfeeding in public. Use a blanket around your shoulders to cover anything you don't want to expose in public. Breastfeed your baby in a sling. Slings or other soft infant carriers are especially helpful for traveling. They make it easier to keep your baby comforted and close to you. May 01, 2018 · Breastfeeding in public (Reality) SUBSCRIBE TO BE A SUNSCRIBER: PERSONAL .

Sep 28, 2016 · Breastfeeding in public is legal and protected by federal law. Legislation in most states gives women the right to nurse in public. But even if you’re in a state that doesn’t have such laws on the books, you still have every right to feed your baby. You can nurse whenever your baby’s hungry.Author: What to Expect,Editors, What to Expect. Breastfeeding in public. Cameron is not the only public figure who provide leadership on breastfeeding promotion. Earlier this year during a special baptism, Pope Francis told the babies’ mothers, “if they are hungry, mothers, feed them. Because they are the most important people here.” And the law is on their side.

Public breastfeeding – is an act of breastfeeding a baby in public places (restaurants, bus stops, malls etc.), where it may me noted and observed by the other people. Women require a tolerant attitude. As a breastfeeding mother, I know everything about the convenience of breastfeeding, considering the fact you may breastfeed wherever, whenever. Mar 02, 2018 · Breastfeeding in public tends to be controversial. However, if a bottle-fed baby can have her dinner in public, why shouldn't a breastfed baby have the same rights? I have certainly never seen a public restroom that I would like to feed my baby in! And I'm certainly not going to stay cooped up at home all the time because I'm afraid that my baby will get hungry while we're gone.