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Jul 12, 2012 · The African wild ass (Equus africanus) is a wild member of the horse family, Equidae.This species is believed to be the ancestor of the domestic donkey which is usually placed within the same species. They live in the deserts and other arid areas of the Horn of Africa, in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia; it formerly had a wider range north and west into Sudan, Egypt and Libya. The African wild ass is bluish gray to fawn; the Asiatic wild ass, lighter in colour, is reddish to yellow-gray. Both have whitish muzzles and underparts, short, dark, erect manes lacking a forelock, and tufted tails.

Population Distribution. The African Wild Ass lives in the desert areas of Ethiopia, Africa and Somalia. They once lived in Egypt and surrounding areas too but many have now died out. Of the 570 known to be alive in the wild around 400 are located in Eritrea. There are two subspecies of the Africa wild ass: The Nubian wild ass, Equus africanus africanus, and the Somalian wild ass, Equus africanus somaliensis. The Nubian wild ass is believed to be extinct. The Nubian wild ass is believed to be extinct.

Indian Wild Ass called with scientific name as Equus hemionus khur is a rare species of Indian Wildlife. Its kingdom is Animalia and Phylum being Chordata, belongs to Class Mammalia with the order Perissodactyla. In general it is classified with the Family name as Equidae. The African wild ass is the granddaddy of the domesticated donkeys of today. It is a desert animal, living primarily in three countries of Africa. It looks like a regular donkey except for its legs, which appear to be wearing black and white striped knee-high socks.