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Lynne Azpeitia's Gifted Adult Coaching provides gifted, talented and creative adults with customized coaching solutions that maximize their opportunities, leverage their talents, and make the most of their knowledge, experience and connections. Melanie Brown Kroon, MFT – “I am a licensed psychotherapist who has lectured and written on parenting, healing from betrayal, codependency and the emotional needs of gifted adults. I love to work with teens and adults in all fields who value creativity, love, integrity and a passion for life.

Being gifted and talented is about more than grades and high IQ. It affects emotions, sensations, energy level, concentration, and imagination as well as other attributes. Most importantly, giftedness does not disappear with childhood. Gifted and talented children grow up to be gifted and talented adults, and sometimes, they need psychotherapy. If you're struggling with living in a non-gifted world and want to overcome your challenges, develop your potential and leave your struggles behind, consider Gifted Adult Coaching, Gifted Adult Coaching can help you get rid of confusion, negative thinking, stereotypes and .

Jennifer is the founder of InterGifted and is a mentor and coach for gifted people. She specializes in mentoring and coaching highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted adults. She also provides training and mentoring for gifted coaches and writes extensively on giftedness and self-development. TUTOR / ACADEMIC COACH Andy Williamson, MSc, MA (Oxon) Learn About Andy PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL EVALUTATION Melissa Huppin Korch, Ed.S. Learn About Melissa. ACADEMIC INTERVENTION SUPPORT TEAM. This team works with schools to provide valuable support and interventions for students with ADHD or other leaning differences. 5502 34th Avenue Location: 5502 34th Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA, 98105 United States.