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The award patch is worn as a Boy Scout - adults wear the square knot symbol. Venturing Silver Award Description: Silver knot on dark green and white background with silver border. Eagle Scout - Worn by adults who earned the rank of Eagle Scout as a youth member. NESA Life Member - Worn by those with Life memberships in NESA Distinguished Eagle Scout - Worn by those who have recognized as such.

This knot is given in recognition of attaining Boy Scouting's highest rank, the Eagle. If you are an Eagle Scout, you are entitled to wear this knot. Unlike the actual Eagle rank patch, this is not a restricted knot, and can simply be picked up from the Scout Shop. Uniform Knots. These are knots that adults wear on their uniform like the military wears bars. The Boy Scouts of America developed them so that leaders could show their achievements. They signify award and training that the leader has earned, gone through or been awarded. Some are VERY VERY rare.

The two knots that I EARNED (Arrow of Light and Eagle Scout w/ GoldPalm) are worn with pride; as are the service pins (4 years cub, 8 years boy scout, and 2 years adult leader). These devices are meant to symbolize experience in the program and give others a quick glance at your experience. How to tie 10 essential Scouting knots. DOUBLE FISHERMAN’S KNOT Use this knot to tie together the ends of one rope, forming a loop. The loop of rope can be used for many purposes, including the prusik hitch, shown above. CLOVE HITCH The clove hitch is a versatile knot that is often used in Scouting .