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Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA SM) is an international self-help support group program designed specifically for adult survivors of neglect, physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse.The ASCA SM program offers. Community based self-help support groups; Provider based self-help support groups; Web based self-help support groups. For Adult Survivors of Emotional Child Abuse. But to be an emotionally healthy adult, the truth must be known, so that healing can begin, and the pattern doesn’t repeat. An emotionally abused child who does not, as an adult, face the truth of their childhood is in great danger of repeating the cycle of emotional abuse with his or her own children.

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Adult survivors of child sexual abuse may have some of the following concerns that are specific to their experience: Guilt, shame, and blame. You might feel guilty about not having been able to stop the abuse, or even blame yourself if you experienced physical pleasure. adult survivors of childhood maltreatment experienced primarily in the form of severe emotional abuse and neglect during child-hood. Frequently overlooked, minimized, or misunderstood is psychological maltreat-ment, defined as children’s exposure to re-current and severe forms of emotional abuse and emotional neglect including insults.