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When I started my senior year of college, the excitement started to set in. I was in the final stretch, before I'd finally go out into the world and make my mark. I felt just like one of the incoming freshmen all over again, with a whole new world laid out before me, full of infinite possibilities. Scott and Connor's relationship progresses and deepens. Becoming A Daddy: hooking up with a college bimbo. Jack and Kathleen get friendly at university. Patricia Nolan: Rich, smart, beautiful, upper classes. and other exciting erotic at!

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Sarah was extremely happy to meet her new roommate and to start her freshmen year at college. She was sure her and Kim would be best friends. Their college tried their best to match roommates from a questionnaire the students filled out before the new year started. So Sarah got to read a bio on Kim and she just knew that they were a good match. A High School Freshman learns about sex. Chapter One - Sex Stories - pammy2288: A High School Freshman learns about sex. Chapter One Well, here I am, another new school without friends, a.