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Adults with Special Needs Programs Community Cultural Center / Culture Club Culture Club is a recreational program designed to enhance the social lives of adults with developmental disabilities. The Special Needs Resource Directory provides information and resources for adults with special needs. day programs and/or residential options. Cincinnati Children's provides information and resource to families to learn about options for adulthood. Adult Day, Job Skills and Employment Programs.

Adult day care programs are supportive services designed to meet the needs of adults with disabilities who have difficulty performing activities of daily living.. These programs provide for adult's physical and emotional well-being through healthcare services, social and recreational activities. Special needs adults can be invited a lot of the time to get involved with educational programs which are tailored to their ability. This can allow them to get creative and to find out the skills which they are good at, allowing care givers to have the initiative to get the special .

The Easterseals family of services is ever expanding to meet the needs and help promote wellness, independence and connectivity among the growing number of older Americans. Younger Adult Services Whether through birth conditions, accidents or chronic illness, many young adults and their families benefit from our services.