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Millions of seniors rely on programs under the Older Americans Act for access to food, transportation, and caregiving services. These programs help seniors live independent lives and allow them to remain a part of the community. About this journal. Journal of Aging and Health (JAH) explores the complex and dynamic relationship between gerontology and health. Peer-reviewed and published 10 times per year, scholars present views and perspectives from a wide variety of disciplines, including Allied Health, Psychology, Public Health, Social Policy and Work, Epidemiology, Health Services Research, Sociology, and Nursing.

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Description Presents Social Gerontology from Multiple Perspectives Aging Matters illuminates cultural, biological, physiological, emotional, cognitive, economic, and social aspects of aging.A useful guide to a range of disciplines, this title helps readers of all educational backgrounds understand the dynamic interactions between older people and their environments.Format: Website. If You Fall or Witness a Fall, Do You Know What to Do? (PDF Document - 13.663 KB - 8 pages) We all fall from time to time. With age, both the number of falls and the likelihood of injury increase. So, it's important to know what to do if you fall or if you see someone else fall.